Lab Members

The Pasca lab runs on the collective work of the principle investigator, Marina Pasca di Magliano PhD, lab manager Shadae Sutherland, graduate students and undergraduate assistant researchers.


Dr. Marina Pasca di Magliano,
Principal Investigator


Dr. Yaqing Zhang,
Research Investigator


Dr. Filip Bednar,
Assistant Professor of Surgery
    Arthur Brannon III

Arthur Brannon III,
Graduate Student MSTP program

  Heather Schofield

Heather Schofield,
Graduate Student MSTP program



Dr. Joyce Thompson,
Postdoctoral Fellow

Paloma Garcia
Graduate Student, MCP program

Ashley Velez
Graduate Student, CDB program

Michael Scales
Graduate Student, CDB program

Shadae Sutherland
Research Laboratory Technician Associate