Pancreatic Cancer Working Group

A group of several independent investigators that meets monthly to exchange ideas and advance projects on pancreatic cancer.


The Allen lab 

The Pasca di Magliano and the Allen laboratories are jointly investigating the role of novel Hedgehog co-receptors Gas1, Cdo and Boc during pancreatic carcinogenesis.  This project combines Ben Allen's expertise in Hedgehog signaling regulation with Marina Pasca di Magliano's work on Hedgehog signaling in Pancreatic Cancer.


Gut Group

The Gut Group at the University of Michigan brings together researches interested in all areas of gut research, from Developmental Biology to Disease Research. 


Hedgehog Club

The Hedgehog Group at the University of Michigan includes 17 Investigators who share a research interest in Hedgehog signaling. The Group Members use different model organisms (from Drosophila to Mouse) and study different organs (including pancreas, gut, skin and brain). 


Other Affiliations

Center for Organogenesis, the University of Michigan Cancer Center, the CMB program, and PIBS.